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vaio sonar  
Rotary Flask Shaker (Light Weight) Mini Model SONAR
S.S. Platform size 45cms x 45cms (18”x18”) with lotus clamps. To accommodate 16 flask of 250ml.
S. No. Cat No. Chamber size approx
Having fixed speed S.S plat form fitted with AC Motor
Having variable speed fitted with DC Motor
Rotary Shaker (Light Weight) Mini Model SONAR
Rotary Flask Shaker (Heavy Duty) Deluxe Model SONAR
with D.C. Motor
Closed body having Shaking amplitude 25mm dia (1”) in a horizontal plane. Having continuous variable speed of 40 – 180 RPM & is controlled by stepless electronic speed controller fitted with S.S. platform & Lotus type clamp to hold flasks & Mechanical Timer 0-60 Minutes
S. No. Cat No. Plat form Size No. of Flask
RS - 65250D
65cm x 65cm
36 Flasks of 250ml
RS – 651000D
65cm x 65cm
49 Flask of 100ml
RS – 90100D
90cm x 90cm
81 Flask of 100ml
RS – 90250D
90cm x 90cm
64 Flask of  250ml
RS – 90500D
90cm x 90cm
49 Flask of  500ml
RS - 901000D
90cm x 90cm
36 flask of 1000 ml
RS - 105250D
105cm x 105cm
81 flasks of 250ml
RS - 105500D
105cm x 105cm
64 flasks of 500ml
RS – 1201000D
120cm x 120cm
49 flasks of 1000ml
RS - 120500D
120cm x 120cm
100 flasks of 500ml
RS - 120100D
120cm x 120cm
144 flasks of 100ml
(a) Digital RPM Counter fitted in above (Pls. Suffix RMP for cat no.)
(b) Digital Timer 0-99 minutes in lieu of mechanical timer
(c) Digitally controlled fully Automatic with two LED Windows
Rotary Shaker (Heavy Duty) Deluxe Model with D.C. Motor SONAR
Rotary Shaker Heavy Duty Double Decker SONAR
S. No. Cat No.  Size
DDS – 60
60cm x 60cm
DDS – 90
90cm x 90cm
DDS – 105
105cm x 105cm
DDS – 120
120cm x 120cm
(A) Digitally controlled fully Automatic with two LED Windows
Rotary Shaker Heavy Duty Double Decker SONAR
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