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Plant Growth Chamber WAIOMETRA
The chamber provides perfect controlled environment for the growth of the plants. The unit has heating and cooling arrangements and the temperature is controlled by sensitive micro processor based digital temperature indicator cum controller. The humidity is controlled by micro processor based digital humidity controller Temperature range – 5°C to 50°C (15°C to 50°C when the lights are on)Humidity range upto 95%
S. No. Cat No. Size of Inside Chamber (H x W x D) Cu. ft. Capacity
PGC – 10
570mm x 875mm x 550mm
280 Ltr
PGC  - 20
775mm x 900mm x 775mm
560 Ltr
PGC  - 30
825mm x 1200mm x 825mm
840 Ltr
PGC  - 45
900mm x 1720mm x 800mm
1282 Ltr
(a) Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (recommended) (plz suffix VS for cat no)
(b) Communication port for PC interface operable at standard software (pls. suffix C for cat no)
Plant Growth Chamber SONAR
Seed Germinator (Single Chamber) SONAR
CFC Free, PUF Insulated
Double walled inside chamber is made of stainless steel 304 grade. Temperature is controlled by digital temperature
indicator cum controller form 5°C to 50°C + 2°C. Humidity from ambient to 90% + 5% with 14 trays.
S. No. Cat No. Size of Inside Chamber (H x W x D)
SGS – 9155
910mm x 555mm x 605mm (300 Ltr.)
SGS – 9155 T
Same as above but with 0-24 hour’s timer and exterior lighting arrangement
(Pls. suffix FT for Cat No.)
Recommended Voltage Stabilizer at an extra cost of
(Pls. suffix VS for Cat No.)
Microprocessor based controller (PID) can be fitted instead of digital temp. indicator cum controller (Pls. suffix PID for Cat No.)
Seed Germinator (Single Chamber) SONAR
Seed Germinator (Double Chamber) SONAR
Double walled. Inside made of stainless & outside of painted M.S. Temperature range in one chamber is 5°C to 50°C ± 1°C & Ambient to 50°C ± 1°C in another chamber. Temperature is controlled by Electronic Digital Temperature Controller in both chambers. Each chamber had 14 trays (total 28 trays) and separate air circulation system. Fitted with transparent door for test visibility. Each chamber is fitted with stainless steel water reservoir equipped with immersion heaters to provide uniform humidity of 90% to 95% ± 5% (Not adjustable). To work on 220 V 50 cycles AC.
S. No. Cat No. Size of Inside Chamber (H x W x D)
SGD – 9155
910mm x 555mm x 605mm
(a) Provision for heating and cooling in each chamber instead of heating in one and cooling in another chamber
Seed Germinator (Double Chamber) SONAR
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