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Animal Isolator (American Pattern) SONAR
Made out of best quality board & all exterior surface covered with Laminated mica sheet. Shelves/Racks are made
of Stain Finish S.S. Complete with HEPA filter & Prefilters, Motor Blower, Static Pressure Inclined Manometer. Rack
is detachable & can be taken Out & fixed with minutes for cleaning. Unit is mounted on Castor wheels. Rack Dimension
S. No. Cat No. Width Depth Height
20 ¾
76 ¾”
(A) Note : Complete body made of M.S./S.S. may be supplied instead of board/S.S.
Animal Isolator (European Pattern) SONAR
S. No.  
Complete Body made of Stainless Steel 304 with 4 shelves and 8 See through doors. The inlet air supply through prefilter, Charcoal filter and hepafilter. 4 HEPAFILTERS are provided one at each shelves.
Animal Change Station SONAR
Animal Change Station is a single fan cabinet manufactured like a class II microbiological safety cabinet with inward
air velocity more than 0.80m/s, 100% exhausted through HEPA filter. Animal Change Station is designed for emptying
out and cleaning of cages in a sterile area, with protection given to operator and environment. The unit is supplied with
one garbage trolley with stainless steel wheels.
S. No.  
(a) Intake airflow velocity more than 0.8m/s* (as per class I Bio-safety cabinet)
(b) External structure made of steel epoxy polyester powder coated, resistant to the most common industrial disinfectant.
(c) Hinged solid work surface made of stainless steel AISI 304 L scotch brite finish supported by two gas nbsp;           springs,to allow access to the garbage bag to operator in standing position while the cabinet is running, with transition adapter to waste material into the garbage bag.
(d) Hinged window in safety laminated glass framed with anodized aluminum profile supported by two gas springs.
(e) Safety glass side windows.
(f) Double inlet centrifugal fan with direct driven external rotor motor to improve efficiency end reduce  noise.
(g) Stainless steel swiveling wheels with brake.
(h) Easy excess to all the dirty zones inside the cabinet.
(i) 30 watt fluorescent lamp in non contaminated area.
(j) Garbage bag trolley made of stainless steel AISI 304 L scotch brite finish and plastic with swiveling wheels.
(k) Safe working area 1200x620x660mm, complete with pre-filter, HEPA filter, blower, UV lamp & other accessories.
Animal Change Station
Individually Ventilated Cage System SONAR
1. The IVC system supplies and exhausts air automatically, Lowering the temperature, humidity and ammonic level.
2. The efficient filter blocks out the bacteria and other contagents.
3. The IVC system efficiently utilizes the lab space and expands breeding space.
4. Good ventilation, lower changing frequency and save labor cost
5. The IVC system provides better living environment for the animal.
The traditional air tubing system is eliminated. The air ducts are built into the racks, simplifying cleaning and maintenance, keeping static, even and constant airflow thus excellent ventilation.
Air Supply System
Simple design of the air-supplying unit
Control panel, engine plenum and air chamber are connecting head, which simplifies the changing process.
Salient Features
Air tight and 100% containment. Monitoring through latest sensor technology. Monitoring of air Supply, Temperature, Humidity. Air supply through pre-filters & HEPA filters Available in various size as per requirement. Standard size to hold 36 cages, 54 cages, 72 cages.
(A) Optional: Microprocessor controller, Microprocessor controller with touch screen, Monitoring of CO2 levels. Password protection. Alarm if preset limits are deviated. UPS system for 6 to 12 hours power backup. Price
of each unit ranging
Rabbit/guinea Pig Cage SONAR
Completely manufactured in AISI Stainless Steel 304/316 quality material.
S. NO. Cat No. Cage Size
24” x 18” x 18” (LxBxH) (Standard Cage) M.O.C. : S. S. 304
48” x 18” x 18” (LxBxH) (Nursing/Breeding Cage) M.O.C. : S. S. 304
S.S. 316 can also be given instead of S.S.304 if required. We can also manufacture as per Customer Requirement
Rabbit / guinea Pig Cage SONAR
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